imgNew York, NY (August 1, 2013)—Steve Morse, founder of the Dixie Dregs and a touring guitarist for the Steve Morse Band, Deep Purple, Angelfire, and Flying Colors, continues to do much of his recording on the road to accommodate his busy schedule.  Within his rig is the compact PreSonus ADL 600 preamp and a FireStudio Mobile.

“I carry everything I need with me, in my shoulder bag,” Morse said.

At home, Morse also relies on his PreSonus rig, saying “I've essentially been able to replace my gigantic mixing console; even though it still lives in the studio, it's kind of become a table. The FireStudio Mobile gives me enough outputs for anything I need to get done."

Many of the tracks for the Flying Colors album, as well as some of the Deep Purple overdubs, were recorded on the road through his PreSonus rig.