Producer Tony Visconti (left) and Genelec's Jarmo Masko
London, UK (November 12, 2014)—The UK’s Music Producers Guild has enlisted the help of producers such as Trevor Horn, Tony Visconti, Nigel Godrich and Spike Stent to make the case for the inclusion of production credit information with streaming or downloaded music.

In a video filmed earlier this year at the MPG Awards in London, recording professionals spell out just how important accurate credit information is to the future of the music industry. The video forms part of the MPG‘s Credit Where Credit Is Due initiative, which promotes the inclusion and accuracy of ‘credit’ information associated with the various roles of music recording.

"We feel it is time that all those involved in the production of recorded music got the credit they deserve," says MPG director and producer Tommy D, who is spearheading the initiative. "These credits were previously included and easily accessible within the sleeve notes and artwork of CDs and vinyl albums. They were an essential and standard practice, within the music business. And don't underestimate how essential they are—not just because they acknowledge the hard work and effort that had gone into making a recording, but also because they accurately define and thus allow the industry to compensate those professionals, for years to come."

Tommy D adds, "We need to rectify this short-coming, and the best way to do that is by lobbying. The MPG is encouraging all consumers and recording artists to make their voices heard so that the music and technology industries, responsible for the distribution of recorded music are left in no doubt that we want credit information, and that it needs to be attached and accessible at the source of the listening experience."

The MPG supports the initiative of mastering engineer and MPG member, Barry Grint, who has worked to persuade record labels to implement industry standard ISRC codes into digital files. Embedding an accurate ISRC code guarantees the identity of the recording and also opens the door to attaching accurate credits.

The Music Producers Guild (UK)

Credit Where Credit Is Due video: