imgVancouver, BC, Canada (August 18, 2014)—Musos Corner, one of the largest music retailers in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, has added a new 90º Studio Training Facility outfitted with Primacoustic acoustic treatments.

"The fully functioning recording studio showroom is the first of its kind in Australia,” explains facility director Allon Silove. "In the studio showroom, you can listen to and compare studio equipment brands just as you would a guitar or amplifier, a first in Australian music retail services."

Musos Corner services nearly 200 schools every year and offers commercial audio courses that cater to all levels of skill and interest alongside professional development programs for secondary teachers.

Silove brought in Daniel Sievert, product administrator for Amber Technology, to consult. Sievert produced a 3D room model for the acoustic treatment plan, and chose to outfit the facility with Primacoustic acoustic treatments. "The main challenge from a layout perspective was the positioning of door and windows in the recording and control rooms,” he says. “The proximity of some doors to corners of the rooms meant that Maxtraps [bass traps] could not be used. The guys at 90 Degree Studio solved this problem by using Fulltraps mounted flat on the wall in the affected corners. The front wall of the control room was designed to have at least two large screens mounted on it so the size and positioning of treatment had to take that into account. The solution was a mix of Scatter Blocks and Control Columns."
Silove reports, "The 90 Degree Studio Tracking room is now a relatively 'flat' acoustic space, able to facilitate an entire band-at-once session while still maintaining a comfortable SPL for working and performing. Our control room's acoustics now allow us to hear the true quality of our large range of high-end studio near-field monitors which in turn enables us to accurately demonstrate the unique ability of our facility to allow customers to listen to and compare all elements in the signal chain."