imgBismark, ND (August 19, 2014)—North Dakota’s Legislative Assembly building, home to the state Senate and House of Representatives, is a visually impressive structure standing 19 stories, with semi-circular chamber rooms with high ceilings and walls made of chestnut, walnut and oak. However, these features create a number of coverage and reverberation issues; the low ceiling in the under-balcony areas blocked sound from the main system, and the few small supplemental speakers in the upper balcony area struggled to provide adequate coverage.

After an EASE analysis of the room, Fargo-based Tricorne Audio selected two Renkus-Heinz Iconyx IC24-R-II Digitally Steerable Line Array Loudspeaker Systems to address the issues.

"Our client wanted better coverage overall," explained Tricorne Audio's Dallas Anderson. "With the Iconyx IC24 arrays, we were able to address the reflections, dead spots, and hot spots by steering the sound—a beam for the balcony, and separate beams for the floor and under balcony areas."
The Iconyx IC24s were installed in both the House and Senate chambers on the wall behind the rostrum. The cabinets were custom painted to match the color of the wood paneling, addressing the requirement that the speakers blend in with the décor.

To round out the system in both the House and Senate chambers, Tricorne installed Biamp Tesira servers with IO cards, Audio-Technica PRO Series 6-inch gooseneck mics, and a Shure wireless mic system.