imgMalibu, CA (November 7, 2013)—Producer, arranger, songwriter and musician Neil Giraldo, who has maintained a home studio for the last 33 years, recently purchased an Argosy Dual 15 Workstation to help organize his studio space.

“When we started to get successful and I finally had the money to be able to buy guitars, instead of buying more guitars, I bought studio gear,” recalls Giraldo.  “So in the early days, I was buying Pultecs and Fairchilds and EMT 250’s. I was buying all this studio gear, because I felt like the studio was my home, and I felt really comfortable in it, and I wanted to have really good analog gear.”

“Now I have loaded my Argosy Dual 15 Workstation with a collection of contemporary and vintage recording equipment. I have a Manley Mic/EQ 500, a couple Pultecs, an SSL stereo compressor, a Neve stereo compressor and a Dangerous Audio 2-Bus.  I’ve got an 1176 floating around in there, and I’ve got a patchbay,” Giraldo explained.  

All of his essential studio equipment was previously on a large wooden table, he reports. “But it took up so much room in the studio, and every time I’d have people come in, they’d say, ‘Why don’t you just get studio furniture and make it easier?’ I liked having a table, but it didn’t feel like a studio. I engineer and I play these instruments, and I like to have everything around me like a cockpit, a really good environment. I saw the Argosy stuff and thought I’d better try it—and it worked out!”