imgPittsburgh, PA (April 23, 2014)—NEP has begun phase two of its large-scale, fleet-wide technology enhancement, including router upgrades to support 16 channels of embedded audio.

Major audio infrastructure upgrades for seven of the company's U.S.-based mobile broadcasting vehicles include router upgrades to support embedded audio across all recording and playback devices, as well as inbound and outbound paths to remote outside broadcasting locations.

Although the audio will eventually be upgraded on NEP's entire fleet of U.S. mobile broadcasting units, the company is planning to complete the upgrade on seven HD vehicles over this summer. They include PESA router upgrades for full embedded audio with LED legend-able panels in trucks SS18, SS16, SS20, ND5 and ND6. The audio upgrade is a full-featured retrofit that will enable channel swapping, shuffle, delay, and phase adjustments for each path while maintaining full sample accuracy. This audio enhancement project will also include audio console upgrades to NCPX and NCPVII, including the addition of Calrec’s BlueFin technology.

NEP will introduce other enhancements in the coming months. These include improving the vehicles' slow-motion replay capabilities, replacing copper cable with fiber-optic cable to interconnect multiple vehicles on larger productions, and new monitor walls in several mobile units. NEP has also begun a refurbishing and upgrade program for its B units and a project to install The Wall, the company's new Apple iPad app for configuration of complex monitor walls.