imgNashville, TN (July 11, 2013)—Nashville-based Morris Light and Sound provided audio production services for the 42nd Annual CMA Music Festival, using a number of products from Yamaha Commercial Audio, including the new NEXO STM line array system.

With more than 50 country music artists performing during the three-day event from June 6 to 9 at Nashville’s Riverfront Park, Morris Light and Sound used a combination of a NEXO STM line array, PS15, RS18 Ray Subs, 4x4 NXAmps, 45 N-12 line monitors, Yamaha CL5 digital consoles and Rio3224 input/output boxes, all connected through a Dante network.

"I was really looking forward to an opportunity to drive the new NEXO STM rig,” commented Eric Elwell, FOH engineer for country artist Joe Nichols. “It's detailed, but not in a hard or hyped-kind of way. It felt like an F1 racecar... just so responsive. I worked there on the second day at the River Stage, and by then the Yamaha/NEXO team really had the rig singing.”

“I was very impressed with the consistency of the definition of all the vocals, even with all the different engineers that mixed over the course of the four days,” added David Haskell, President, Morris Light & Sound.

Elwell also said he used the new Yamaha CL5 digital console once before, subbing for a friend on a tour last fall. “I was impressed then by the purity and clarity. The mic pres are fantastic, and the plug-ins give you everything you need to add 'a little something' extra.  On the Joe Nichols mix for CMA Fest, I got to use the Rupert Neve Design Portico 5043 compressor across the stereo buss just to add that final "glue" to the mix.”

Russell Fischer, freelance monitor and FOH engineer who has mixed front of house for Taylor Swift, The Mavericks and Toby Keith, mixed monitors for several different bands at the Chevrolet Riverfront Stage, said he liked working on the Yamaha CL5 in the large festival situation. “I like the flexibility and ease of use of the Custom Fader Banks; it made for very quick navigation of critical inputs during the festival at the monitor mix position.”

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