imgAustin, TX (June 19, 2014)—Austin, TX-based Nomad Sound recently added a Nexo STM line array and Yamaha CL1, 3, and 5 digital audio consoles to its rental arsenal. Since 2005, Nomad Sound has been supplying audio services to Psychfest and other regional music festivals, as well as several touring clients.

“We had realized a four-way system was the right move to make; having grown our Nexo GEO S12 rig up to 48 boxes, we were looking at our options. When I heard there was an STM demo scheduled at the Alamo Dome in San Antonio, I went down with Joel Hume, one of our lead engineers, and we spent two days listening and examining the rig. Once I heard the system and the clarity at 350-plus feet as well as examined the rigging and listened to a small ground stacked rig, it was simply a matter of figuring out what configuration to start with,” explained Damon Lange, principal owner of Nomad Sound.

Lange decided to purchase a 48-box rig with 18 M46s, 18 B112s and a dozen S118s, powered by four NUAR amp racks.  He also purchased the three Yamaha CL digital consoles for the company.

“We started with a CL3 and a single Rio 32 input/output box, and then added a CL5 and CL1. We have four Rios at this point, and the consoles are cased using Rock Hard captive leveling rigs,” he said. “We've had no issues with rider acceptability of the CL consoles, and anyone familiar with M7CL or PM5D can pretty much jump right in on the CL. The Premium Rack plug-ins are really amazing, and while we all have our favorites, mine is the Dynamic EQ, which feels pretty familiar if you've ever used the BSS901 to solve problems.”

For Willie Nelson’s show and Psychfest, the rig consisted of 9 pair-per-side STM boxes over 12 STM subs on the main stage of both shows, and six per-side S1210 rigs on the additional B and C Stages for the festival. These shows were followed up with two back-to-back gigs where the STM was groundstacked three high over four subs for a festival at the historic Pearl Brewery in San Antonio as part of the Echale Concert Series, where Nomad also supplied a Yamaha CL5 at FOH and CL1 for monitors. The next day, Nomad used the STM as part of a three-stage festival in Austin for Fiesta Gardens with three Nexo rigs: STM groundstack on main stage and GEO S12 rigs on B and C stages. Again, the sound company brought in Yamaha CL consoles for FOH and monitors on B and C stages. For South By Southwest, Nomad added a Nexo S118 sub package.

Yamaha & Nexo