Pictured (l-r) are engineer/mixer Al Schmitt, assistant engineer Wesley Seidman, recording engineer Steve Genewick, producer Masataka "Manta" Matsutoya, project coordinator Norio Yamamoto, and guitarist Dean Parks. Photo by David Goggin.
Los Angeles, CA (October 1, 2013)—Multiple Grammy-winning engineer/producer Al Schmitt, who is tracking and mixing the 37th album by Japanese superstar Yumi Matsutoya, recently dropped in at Ocean Way to work on the new project.

Schmitt was joined by fellow engineer Steve Genewick for the recording of guitar overdubs by Dean Parks in the facility’s Studio B.

Yumi Matsutoya is a popular Japanese singer, composer, lyricist and pianist, with more than 42 million records sold and 21 number-one albums in her career. She is the only artist to have at least one number-one album every year on the charts for 18 consecutive years.

Her husband, producer Masataka "Manta" Matsutoya, writes arrangements that often involve classical strings and woodwinds, and was one of the first composers to use these instruments in J-pop music. He also frequently uses choruses in his arrangements, and many popular Japanese artists have made their debuts in the background choruses of Yumi Matsutoya's songs.

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