(l-r) PotLuck Audio Conference organizer Craig Schumacher, Maureen Droney, Andrew Scheps, Dan Workman, Tony Brooke, Michael Romanowski and Leslie Ann Jones. Photo Courtesy of The Recording Academy.
Santa Monica, CA (August 21, 2014)—The Recording Academy Producers & Engineers Wing was well represented at the PotLuck Audio Conference in Tucson, AZ, at the beginning of August.

Now in its 14th year, PotLuckCon features expanded interactive workshops, training and recording tips and tricks shared by engineers, producers, studio owners and recording enthusiasts. 

P&E Wing events at the conference included Grammy-winning engineer Andrew Scheps' presentation, "Lost In Translation," which demystifies the world of lossless vs. lossy audio formats; a reception dubbed "I'm A Member & You Should Be Too!"; and an educational keynote panel titled "Why Metadata Matters."

The Recording Academy Producers & Engineers