imgSanta Monica, CA (July 10, 2014)—Phil McGowan, scoring mixer and studio manager at Trevor Morris Studios in Santa Monica, recently utilized Penteo 4 Pro on the second season of the TV show Vikings.

McGowan has been utilizing the Penteo 4 Pro stereo-to-surround up-mixer for the past year on a number scores for both film and television, and recently upgraded to Penteo 4 Pro, which supports Avid's AAX plug-in format for true 64 bit processing.

"Penteo handles everything well," says McGowan. "Our projects may be rock-based scores, with lots of drums, guitars, and synths, but I frequently put orchestral samples through Penteo as well. I mix all of the surround sound stems that we send to the dub stage, and Penteo is useful in converting the stereo samples coming directly from the composers' studios.

Vikings “is an interesting show because not many of the cues are what you would really call traditional scoring; it's predominantly synthetic and percussive material with some ethnic elements. We've been working with a Norwegian composer, Einar Selvick, who we've been collaborating with over the internet. He sends me a variety of stems: stringed instruments, his own vocals, group vocals, chants and percussive elements, as well as effects. Using Penteo I can get a big, wide surround spread on those different sound effects and it really feels cinematic, really warm, really full.”

After incorporating Penteo into his workflow over the past year, McGowan is eager to share his experience. "I've actually introduced Penteo to a lot of other mixers," he explains. "I've been calling it 'Dark Magic', because it's always surprising what Penteo delivers when you feed it stereo material.

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