Baton Rouge, LA (May 11, 2017)—PreSonus Audio Electronics has founded a segment of the company, aiming to bring all its commercial audio related products under one umbrella as the PreSonus Commercial Division. While primarily centered around the WorxAudio loudspeaker brand that PreSonus acquired in June, 2014, the new division will also include the ULT and AIR loudspeaker lines, and a range of mixing, DSP and signal routing solutions.

While the creation of the new division made for some corporate restructuring, the company expects it to better denote which products are intended for commercial use and deployment.

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Jim Odom, PreSonus' president and chief strategy officer, explained, “Whereas in the past, integrators would periodically seek clarification as to what products were available to them, the new product structure resolves this. Be it a mixer, a Dante-equipped rack mixer, a power amp, or one of our many other commercial product offerings, they are all an integral part of the new Commercial Division. I’m confident this will help broaden the PreSonus brand name while streamlining other aspects of the business.”

Hugh Sarvis, chief designer of PreSonus’ Loudspeaker Division and founder of WorxAudio Technologies, shares Odom’s enthusiasm. “When WorxAudio Technologies became a member of the PreSonus family, I knew there would be changes,” Sarvis notes. “While the WorxAudio name may no longer be the dominant brand in terms of customer recognition, it has been a truly rewarding experience to see how our products have become part of a family with a firmly entrenched brand presence the world over—and for that I am most appreciative.”

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