imgCambridge, UK (April 1, 2013)-UK award-winning composer and producer Michael Price is using a Prism Sound Maselec Master Series MEA-2 EQ on his score for ITV series "Lightfields."

"I wanted something fabulous that could add some sparkle and warmth to the TV mixes we were doing in the studio for 'Lightfields.' I loved the MEA-2 when I'd used it at Abbey Road so I decided to invest in one for my own studio," Price explained.

The MEA-2 was developed for Prism Sound by engineer/producer Leif Mases, who has worked with a diverse range of artists including Abba, Led Zeppelin, Jeff Beck and Black Sabbath. The MEA-2 is one of a number of products in the Maselec Master Series range.

Price, who has worked on more than 30 major studio pictures, says, "The MEA-2 is incredibly well made, but more than that it has a peculiar sonic ability to make things just sound better, without stamping too much of its own opinion on the music. It's no surprise that mastering engineers love them, but it's also a super useful thing to have in a mix studio."

Price bought his MEA-2 from Studioxchange, the official Prism Sound Retail Partner.

"This studio has been mostly digitally equipped up till now," he says, "but I'm really excited about getting more into high-quality analogue gear. I'm really delighted with the sound I'm achieving with the Prism Sound MEA-2 and we always try and specify them when we are recording in studios like Abbey Road."

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