imgBristol, IN (July 31, 2013)—After a fire caused considerable damage to the First Baptist Church of Elkhart, IN in 2012, the church has been fully restored and now houses a QSC KLA Active Line Array Loudspeaker System in the sanctuary.

CSD Group Inc. of Ft. Wayne, IN, installed the audio system, comprising of 13 KLA12 12-inch, two-way elements in an LCR configuration, plus a pair of KLA181 18-inch subwoofers, together with four KW181 self-powered 18-inch subs and a pair of K8 active front fills on the floor.

The main KLA12 arrays are configured with four boxes at left and right, plus five in a center hang. “The extra top box is shooting to the back balcony,” explained Robbie Starkey, AVL Systems Consultant for CSD Group Inc. “I'll be honest; I was a little leery at first about doing the installation myself. But we were so stressed with work that, even though that's not part of my job description, I went and hung the system and tuned it myself. You can fly five of those boxes instantly because of the ease of the QSC rigging hardware.”

CSD Group's design also included a new digital mixing system and wireless IEM for the praise band. The renovated sanctuary, which seats approximately 1,000, also now includes a complete two screen HD video IMAG system as well as intelligent theatrical lighting.


CSD Group Inc.