imgLas Vegas, NV (May 15, 2014)—The Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino recently updated its Moorea Beach Club with a slew of new loudspeakers from QSC.

A total of 22 QSC AcousticDesign  AD-S282H surface mount, full range loudspeakers, selected for their weather resistance, support background music and DJ performances at the Moorea Beach Club. With temperatures blowing past 100 degrees during the summer, and with high winds and dust storms common, the Las Vegas environment can be punishing on outdoor sound equipment. “The AD-S282H can take the Vegas heat, and it can take how dry it is,” says Matthew Paupst, director, Lighting and Control Systems at AVDB (Audio/Video/Design/Build) Group in Las Vegas.

The venue’s sound system upgrade was designed to compliment the sound system at Mandalay Bay’s Daylight Beach Club, according to Paupst, who worked with Mike Cromer of QSC’s regional rep firm Audio Geer on the project. “They wanted an outdoor sound system that would be great so they’d be able to have their own great sound for the pool parties,” he explains.

The AcousticDesign AD-S282H weather resistant speakers are located throughout the club, including the bar, cabana, Moorea Day Bed and upper Moorea Pavilion areas. “There are also two AD-S282Hs at the entrance,” says Paupst. “So the party starts right when you walk in the door, and continues throughout. During the pool party times, they have a DJ. During normal operations, when they’re not having a pool party, they’ve got a DMX player that provides background music.”

Audio Video Design Build Group (AVDB)

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