Radial's new R&D test studio, Studio Eh.
Vancouver, Canada (February 27, 2013)—To accommodate its growing Research and Development team, Radial Engineering has moved the department to a larger area and split it into three sections.

The first section houses the engineering team, where circuit design, PCB layout and metal drafting occurs. The second is a meeting room where the R&D team gathers to work out new designs, part requirements and development schedules. The third is the new test studio, dubbed 'Studio Eh' in honor of Radial's Canadian heritage.

"We grew to the point where we felt it was time to take over the last 5,000 square feet in our building that was previously leased out,” explained General Manager Mike Hill. “The extra warehouse space not only helps us manage inventory overflow, but this area now houses cable prep, trade show prep, the workbench and old files. We upgraded the office area with a new kitchen, updated washroom, R&D office and, of course, the studio. This finally gives our R&D team some quiet space where they can focus on next-generation products without worrying about interrupting others when they turn up the volume!"

"Almost every day starts with a review of what is happening in R&D,” said Radial President Peter Janis. “I will get on the phone and speak to the design team regarding features that need to be implemented and then will often end my day testing and listening to products that are in some stage of development. Studio Eh is a fantastic facility for this type of thing. The room measures about 12' x 16' and is fully treated with Primacoustic Broadway panels and MaxTrap bass traps to eliminate room modes. We use a Workhorse with two PowerPres and switch between Dynaudio, Yamaha, Hafler and Focal monitors, depending on what we are doing. We also have an iso room across the hall that is wired with tie lines to test loud amps. This room is equipped with two Marshall amps, a Mesa Boogie half stack, four Fender combos, a THD half stack, an Ampeg SVT and a collection of electric and acoustic guitars, basses and other knicknacks!"

Radial Engineering