imgVancouver, BC (June 4, 2014)—Radial Engineering Ltd. has taken on the global sales, marketing and distribution of Jensen’s Iso-Max range of isolator products, which provide ground isolation and noise abatement for audio and video in broadcast, home theater and commercial AV integration.

"When Radial was founded in 1992, we started life as a distributor; one of our first product lines was Jensen,” explained Radial president, Peter Janis. “In 1996, we launched the Radial JDI (Jensen DI) which has become the most popular passive direct box in live concert touring and has been a cornerstone for Radial sales around the globe. Over the years, Radial has become Jensen's largest customer and as we have grown, Radial and Jensen have become synonymous."

Jensen, a dominantly engineering company, has never hired a sales or marketing team over its 40-year existence, but when Jensen began developing the Iso-Max range of plug and play solutions, it began working with Radial to discuss possible sales and marketing opportunities.

“Over the coming months, we will be setting up retail and contractor partners, independent reps in the United States and Canada and formalizing exclusive agreements with distributors around the globe. The upcoming InfoComm show in Las Vegas in June presents a wonderful opportunity to debut the new products and get things started,” Janis said.

Jensen's Iso-Max range includes ground isolators for baseband video, cable TV, balanced mic and line level signals, consumer devices such as laptops, and most recently, wall plates.

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