imgLos Angeles, CA (March 10, 2014)—Owner/engineer Jaron Luksa recently installed an SSL AWS 948 hybrid console/controller at his Los Angeles facility, The Rattle Room.

“When I first decided to hang up my traveling shoes, I began researching the equipment necessary to build a truly competitive recording studio, and that process led me to the SSL AWS 948,” says Luksa. “I had good experiences with SSL consoles at Berklee School of Music where I was always taught to mix with your ears. In the age of recording to a laptop computer, people are now getting used to mixing with their eyes first. The AWS 948, with its excellent DAW controller, returns me to the turning-a-knob-and-listening-to-the-change days. With the AWS, I can start using my ear-to-think coordination to get the sound I need. This type of concentration is impossible to achieve with a mouse-based system.”

According to Luksa, the reasoning behind the AWS 948 selection was that the artists he has worked with over the years are beginning to get away from tracks comprised of sampled sounds knit together in a DAW program like Logic or Pro Tools. While the resulting DAW tracks make good music, the same music played live by musicians in a studio delivers a musical interaction that cannot be accomplished by sequencing.

“With the AWS, you get SSL’s extremely clean sound quality, which gives me high-end heaven, tight bass and punchy tracks,” explains Luksa. “The AWS doesn’t have some of the dirtier artifacts that other mic pres have, but if a client wants some dirt, I can go to outboard gear, or pull up a plug-in. While it’s really easy to dirty up your sound, it’s not easy to find equipment to do what the SSL does and that is deliver crystal clear audio. Everything always sounds great through the AWS.”

Solid State Logic