imgNatick, MA (April 12, 2012)—Engineer and producer Beau Raymond, who relocated his studio from L.A. to Portland, OR in 2011, has since added Genelec active monitors.

Raymond has served as engineer or producer for a wide range of artists, including Joss Stone, Motley Crue, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Devendra Banhart, Little Joy, members of the Black Crowes, Bert Jansch, and the Neptunes, and worked alongside the likes of Joe Chiccarelli, Rick Rubin, Rich Costey, Pat Leonard and Bob Rock.

Raymond is a self-confessed "gear junkie," so he was up for checking out the pair of Genelec 8260A tri-amplified DSP monitors suggested to him by retailer Vintage King and brought over to his 2,500-sq.-ft. Family Farm studio by Scott Esterson of Genelec. "I listened to them and they sounded good, but you can't really understand a speaker until you've actually done work on them," Raymond points out.

He used the Genelec 8260As to mix the unfinished tracks of a record he had been working on at that time. What sold him was the response of the mastering engineer he sent the record to after the mix. The mastering engineer immediately recognized that the record had been mixed on two different pairs of monitors, and reportedly raved to Raymond the mix of the songs that happened to be mixed on the Genelecs.

"They can give me the kind of volume I need for when clients want to track and listen back loud, but they actually sound great at any volume, and while I was initially skeptical of the DSP system--I always wondered if systems like that actually compensate for deficiencies in the speakers themselves—I quickly realized that the Genelec DSP system really works," said Raymond