Andy Dodd, Carl Tatz
Nashville, TN (April 26, 2013)-Red Decibel East studio owner Andy Dodd has implemented a new-generation Carl Tatz Design PhantomFocus System to drive his ADAM S3X-H monitors.

"Since the PhantomFocus System eliminates all of the factors that confuse the sound, I can trust that I am hearing the entire sonic picture. Now that I don't have to worry about how mixes will 'translate,' I can focus on being musical and creative...which is the whole point, right?!" comments Dodd, a multi-platinum and Dove Award-winning producer, songwriter and engineer whose studio was designed by Tatz. Dodd, along with his West Coast partner Adam Watts, has worked with the likes of Jesse McCartney, Kelly Clarkson, Jeremy Camp, and the Jonas Brothers, as well as work for "Hannah Montana" and "High School Musical."
"Initially, because the PFS sounded so amazing, I was concerned that my mixes would only sound great in my studio, on my speakers, since the average listener wouldn't be listening back on a PhantomFocus System," recalls Dodd. "Even bad mixes sounded good to me at first as far as the imaging and pinpoint detail was concerned. However, I soon realized what an incredible tool I had—that I could really hear how bad the mix was and exactly what was needed to correct it."

Dodd's fears were allayed when he discovered that his mixes translated outside the studio. "I can't imagine anything more important in a control room than being able to trust the sound that is coming out of your speakers," stated Dodd.

Carl Tatz Design