imgGilbert, AZ (March 11, 2014)—Redemption Church recently expanded and retrofitted its multipurpose conference and worship center—a process that required new audio, video and lighting systems.

Church member Jim Jorgensen was an experienced audio engineer who had handled a previous install in the church’s chapel using Martin Audio W8LM line arrays, so he became a consultant for this project.

“I wanted the new worship center to sound as good as it could be,” Redemption Lead Pastor Tim Maughan said. “Jim’s first recommendation was the new Martin Audio MLA Compact system. Once I realized what it could do, I went to the team I work with and told them the investment in MLA Compact was worth it because we had to replace the sound equipment in every church building we’ve ever been a part of at least two or three times, so it’s more than worth bumping up the budget to get the system that we needed and would last for a long time.”

After a year-long fundraising effort, Redemption purchased the MLA Compact system from On Stage Audio, a certified MLA installation partner. The actual audio setup consists of 12 MLA Compact enclosures hung in left, center, right hangs of four boxes each with two MLX subwoofers mounted under the platform stage at the outer corners. The system is completed by Martin Audio Merlin Controllers for loudspeaker and network management and also includes a Yamaha M7CL 48 channel mixer and a custom Whirlwind 64 channel splitter. Technical Director Tim Smith and rigger Mike “Milk” Arnold did the in-house installation.

“I have huge expectations for audio,” Tim emphasizes. “Not just to reinforce sound, but to really make it musical. In most churches that I’ve been, none of the audio they’re running does that. It’s just sound reinforcement and often sounds really harsh without much quality. The MLA system has outperformed my expectations, which is rare. Also, this is the first time we’ve done a technical upgrade where we haven’t heard one complaint about the audio. It has worked for everyone across the board and helped them experience the service in a much more meaningful and profound way.”

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