imgAnniston, AL (July 17, 2013)—With an architecture design comprised of ornate columns and carefully crafted woodwork, the 300-seat sanctuary of the Parker Memorial Baptist Church needed an audio system that would blend in but cover the facility.

To help assure that all members of the church congregation could hear the services, Oxford, AL-based Sound Solutions specified a system based around Renkus-Heinz Iconyx digitally steerable column arrays, with a single pair of IC24-R-II columns covering the entire room.

"We chose the Iconyx because it enabled us to steer the sound, to focus it on the congregation, and away from the walls and ceiling," said Glen Ford of Sound Solutions. "We were able to create multiple beams to cover everything from the first pew all the way up to the soundman. We were even able to create a bit of a 'null' at the balcony face to minimize reflections."

Because the church’s plaster walls eliminated the option to mount the speakers on the walls, Ford said they hung the speakers from the church’s wooden columns in the front row.

"We matched the paint and mounted them to the columns, and they're practically invisible," Ford said. "And even at close range, we were able to direct the sound so it wouldn't blow away the people in the front row."

A pair of Iconyx IC8R-II columns provides monitoring for the choir and orchestra. System DSP is handled through a Biamp Nexia, connected to a PreSonus StudioLive 24 digital console at FOH. The FOH is located 80 feet from the stage above a small balcony.

"The signal is digital right out of the StudioLive, and stays that way all the way to the Iconyx," said Ford. He added that the only path to bring signal to the speakers was up through the attic and then back down along the beam. "The ability to run a digital signal over a single Cat5 cable for such a long run with no signal loss was another big advantage for the Iconyx.”