imgAustin, TX (October 22, 2014)—Located in Austin, TX, the 3,400-square-foot live music venue The Roost, recently installed a Bose RoomMatch system to handle the venue’s unique layout: an oval room that is wider than it is long.

The Roost can hold up to 700 people, and the system components needed to be flexible enough to handle the space’s unorthodox layout, leading to a creative design centered around the RoomMatch components. Locally based AV systems integrator Big House Sound installed a RoomMatch system composed of two RM9040 modules, two RM9060 modules, two RM12060 modules and a pair of RMS218 dual-18-inch subwoofers, powered by four PowerMatch PM8500N 8-channel networked amplifiers.

“I’ve used an L1 system in the lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel during SXSW, and they could fill up the room with a ton of sound but never overpower it,” said Big House Sound associate Chet Himes. “So I knew that for The Roost, with its football-shaped room that was wider and deeper, the RoomMatch speakers were a great choice.”

The concept was to put the audience “in the music,” rather than looking at it, by creating a modified surround sound system—one that would evenly and consistently cover the entire music room. Two main hangs, on either side of the stage, are made up of an RM9040 module on top of an RM12060 module, covering most of the room. The two RM9060 modules are flown about 20 feet further out on either side of the stage and about 15 feet into the room, angled slightly inwards. These semi-encircle the room, providing delay coverage to the edges of the venue and creating seamless coverage with the rest of the system, including the two RMS218 subs installed on either side of the stage.

“The RM9040 is a tight horizontal pattern module and is very good at keeping the energy off the walls and on the audience,” says Zach Richards, Director of Installations for Big House Sound, who used the Bose Modeler software to predict how the room would react to sound and use those findings to choose the RoomMatch components with the right dispersion patterns. “The RM12040 covers the downstage area very well, so between the two modules, we have great coverage front to back. The RM9060s tie it all together for a room of that shape and those dimensions.”