imgLugano, Switzerland (March 1, 2013)—RSI Rete Tre in Switzerland recently overhauled and upgraded its main studio, installing a Harman Studer OnAir 3000 digital broadcast console.

RSI Rete Tre is the third Italian-language radio station from Radiotelevisione svizzera di lingua italiana (RSI), based in Lugano, Switzerland. Set up in 1988, it is aimed at younger viewers, broadcasting solely in Italian and featuring popular and alternative music.

The OnAir 3000 was supplied by Studer's Swiss distributor, Dr. W.A. Guenther and is configured with 18 faders, multiple CAB system support, DJ and editorial monitoring, along with two master bus, recording bus, four aux bus and 16 N1 (mix-minus) bus.

The station's principal criteria were ease of use—since their DJs need to manage multiple tasks when on air such as computers and phone calls-and integration with the existing Studer DigiMedia playout system. 

Marco Strigl, Rete Tre's Technical support, said, "We already have several mixers from Studer, including OnAir 5000, OnAir 1000, OnAir 1500, OnAir 2500, Vista 7 and Vista 8, and past experience has shown us that they are very reliable-particularly the OnAir 3000."

I/O on the desk include eight mic/line inputs; eight line inputs; 24 AES/EBU Inputs; 64 MADI optical inputs; 16 ADAT optical inputs (for monitoring), eight  line outputs; 24 AES/EBU outputs; 64 MADI optical outputs; and 16 ADAT optical outputs (for monitoring).