imgAlleroed, Denmark (August 29, 2014)—International artist Ivan Rutherford recently gave a one-off show in Hong Kong with the help of DPA Microphone’s d:facto Vocal Mic.

The actor and singer, who has performed the role of Jean Valjean in Les Miserables over 2,000 times on Broadway, used the microphone in a wireless configuration with a Sennheiser Wireless System.

"I had never used a DPA microphone before and I was very pleased with the experience," Rutherford says. "I was impressed with the intensity of the sound and the mobility it allowed onstage, which gave me great freedom to make unobstructed connections with my audience. I also enjoyed the feel and weight of the microphone in my hand, and found that it helped give me the necessary confidence for a one man performance. I would very much enjoy working with a DPA mic again."

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