imgNew York, NY (April 19, 2013)—Record Store Day is tomorrow (April 20), a national event where nearly 400 limited edition vinyl releases will arrive in independent record stores in an effort to bring music lovers back into the shops. For Satronen Sound, it's a special occasion as a live set it recorded of Mumford & Sons, recorded at Bull Moose Records last summer, will be released as the aptly titled Live at Bull Moose.

The four-song EP was recorded on August 3rd, 2012, by Satronen Sound at the Bull Moose Music store in Scarborough, ME, in conjunction with the band’s headlining performance at the Gentlemen of the Road stopover in Portland, ME. It will be released on limited 10" vinyl (4,000 copies) and CD (6,000 copies), and the track listing includes: “I Will Wait,” “Ghosts That We Knew,” “Where Are You Now” and “Awake My Soul.”

“The recording system we built for this project was compact and contained within one rack,” said Pete Nenortas, owner of Satronen Sound. “Because of our familiarity with the room, we had a unique situation where we were able to hide the rack system behind record shelves and store fixtures. We were basically ‘camped out’ in the middle of the store, hidden in plain sight.”

Audio for the live recording was captured using the BBR1U, a JoeCo Blackbox recorder, along with a Pro Tools backup. Analog outputs were fed from a PreSonus DIGIMAX 96K preamp into the JoeCo Blackbox recorders, while digital outputs were fed into Pro Tools. A ProCo Isolated Stage Split with Jensen Transformers were use to split the audio signals for FOH, monitors and recording.

“It’s imperative to have redundancy in the recording effort for such a special concert,” explained Nenortas. “Our ongoing relationship with JoeCo has been an essential part of our projects such as this, as well as the festival dates with Mumford & Sons at their ‘Gentlemen of the Road’ festival dates we did later that summer. All inputs were tracked without EQ or compression, and were later mixed and mastered at Brotheryn Studios in Ojai, CA.

This release marks the fourth consecutive year Nenortas and Satronen Sound have recorded an exclusive Record Store Day release. Ani DiFranco kicked the run off in 2010 with her Live at Bull Moose, 2011 saw the release of the Decemberists' Live at Bull Moose, and Matt Nathanson released last year's set, Left & Right Volume 2.

Mumford & Sons recent tour is featured in the April issue of Pro Sound News. To read the digital edition online, visit:

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