imgNew York, NY (December 31, 2012)—sE Electronics has been awarded United States patent protection for its Reflexion Filter series of portable vocal booths. A patent had already been awarded in China and patents are pending in the E.U.

The abstract reads:

Patent No. US 8,191,678  An apparatus comprising a combination of a microphone and a composite acoustic panel. The composite acoustic panel comprises materials having different spectra of acoustic absorption. The materials may be integrated in a single layer or in a plurality of different layers.

Initial concepts for a portable vocal booth were conceived by sE Electronics’ founder Siwei Zou. sE officially launched the Reflexion Filter Pro six years ago. The first Reflexion Filter Pro subsequently started shipping and to date, sE Electronics has sold over 100,000 Reflexion Filter products worldwide.

Producers and artists who have worked with the product include Gil Norton (Foo Fighters, Counting Crows), Stevie Wonder, Chris Porter (George Michael, David Bowie), Rik Simpson (Coldplay), Ricky Lawson (Michael Jackson), Simon Frangelin (Celine Dion, Avatar) and others.

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