imgWilkesboro, NC (May 14, 2014)—This year’s MerleFest in Wilkesboro, NC featured over 125 artists, and had audio support from SE Systems of Greensboro, NC, as it has for 27 years. Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems, Inc. provided four CL5 digital audio consoles for the event, which already included plenty of Yamaha-Nexo gear.

A pair of Yamaha CL5s were used for front of house and monitors at both the Americana Stage and the Hillside Stage. “All worked flawless and sounded great,” states Bryan Smith of SE Systems. “At the Walker Center and the Chris Austin Stage, we used four Yamaha PM5Ds at FOH and monitors. At the Creekside Stage, we used our Nexo Geo D sound system with Geo Subs. On the main Watson Stage, SE Systems provided Nexo 45-N monitors with Nexo NXAMP 4x4 power amps. In the video/recording trailer, a Yamaha O1V 96i Digital Mixing Console was used to route to the DVR’s and converters.”

“This year, a new stage was added to our production, Smith says. It was a small, courtyard-style stage called The Plaza used for smaller, local acts. We only needed to cover audio in a small area, so we decided to use eight Yamaha DSR 112s active speakers, four for mains and four for monitors. No subs were required for this stage. The DSR system sounded awesome and it projected just like we expected; the bass was strong, but not overpowering, and a perfect match for this stage.”

"The Yamaha CL5 is a great-sounding, and versatile console that was perfect for use on the Americana Stage at MerleFest 2014, states Melissa Joplin Higley, who mixed front of house. The console, Dante networking and Rio input/output boxes performed consistently. I found the CL5 to offer more flexibility and horsepower, and the Premium Rack Effects are a tremendous advantage.”

SE Systems

Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems, Inc.