imgBrazil (June 17, 2014)—Host Broadcast Services (HBS) is using wireless and wired microphones from Sennheiser, including the new Esfera surround microphone system, for coverage of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil.

For HBS, which has been producing such events since 2002, preparations have long been underway—the equipment and teams have been on-site since the beginning of April—as the company has carried out intensive groundwork in order to ensure smooth broadcasts from the 12 stadia. In Brazil, HBS will, for the first time, use Sennheiser’s new Esfera surround microphone system [pictured], which produces complete 5.1 surround sound from the signal of a compact stereo microphone.

“For us, high-quality images and high-quality sound go hand in hand,” comments a spokesperson from HBS. “And with Esfera we can create 5.1 sound with ease—even in post-production. Due to their compact construction and the small amount of cabling required, Esfera microphones will be used in a number of areas in the stadia, e.g. in the players’ tunnel, outside to capture the atmosphere and in the Camera 1 position as a fail-safe for 5.1 surround sound.”

A total of 36 Esfera microphones (SPM 8000) will record the sound in the 12 stadia. In the International Broadcast Centre, two Esfera processing units (SPB 8000) will then be used to produce 5.1 sound from the stereo signals.

Three hundred shotgun microphones are also in use, including MKH 8070 long, MKH 8060 short and MKH 418-S stereo shotgun microphones. MD 46 reporter microphones are in action at the edge of the pitch.
A total of 24 plug-on 2000 series transmitters are being used for wireless boom microphones and for spidercam-mounted MKH 8060s. Every camera team has a wireless reporting set—EK 2000 camera receiver; SK 2000 bodypack transmitter with MKE 1 clip-on microphone—plus a wired MD 46 reporter mic at its disposal. Audio signals are being monitored via HD 25 headphones.