imgShanghai, China (March 28, 2014)—The Shanghai Concert Hall was renamed “Sennheiser Shanghai Concert Hall” on March 10, which also coincided with the founding of a new record label, Sennheiser Media. Chinese musical prodigy, A-Bu, was the label’s first signing and Sennheiser additionally launched A Bu’s first album at the event.

At the renaming of the Shanghai Concert Hall, both Sennheiser and officials from the Shanghai Concert Hall signed a contract that renamed the historical venue. The Hall will now also house an official Sennheiser music store to sell different variety of headphones. The Sennheiser Shanghai Concert Hall was the first professional concert hall in China and aims to become a new platform to promote the development of arts in music in Shanghai and for the rest of China.

As part of the renaming, Sennheiser will install a full set of theatre and sound equipment, as well as design a centralized audio recording control system. Sennheiser will also provide pro audio products such as its 9000 series microphones.

Daniel Sennheiser, CEO of Sennheiser and Marc Vincent, president of Sennheiser, Greater China and Zhang Zhe, president of Shanghai Grand Theatre Arts Center and Zhang Ming, general manager of Shanghai Concert Hall officiated the renaming ceremony.

“We are glad that Shanghai Concert Hall and Sennheiser can reach this incredible cooperation. This year is the beginning of the second decade following our relocation to this venue. To join hands with Sennheiser, the world’s leading audio brand, it in itself provides a lot of possibility for future development for the concert hall. We believe that this cooperation will bring about a huge impact on the development of music culture in Shanghai,” said Mr. Zhang Zhe, President of Shanghai Grand Theatre Arts Center.