imgChicago, IL (September 11, 2013)—Sensaphonics has announced that three more audiologists have successfully completed its Gold Circle seminar, a two-day course that teaches audiologists to work with musicians and sound engineers.

Audiologists gaining Gold Circle certification at the seminar, held August 16-17, 2013 at the Sensaphonics headquarters, included: Ike Iheagwara of Manhattan Audiology in New York City; Paula Rivers of RK Audiology, Austin TX; and Noel Thayer of Bronxville Hearing Center, Bronxville NY.

Sensaphonic’s Gold Circle seminar teaches audiologists how accommodate musicians when using the company’s IEM monitors, specifically when taking ear impressions for customizes IEMs.

“When a musician wants custom earphones, all they want are ear impressions so they can make their purchase. Many audiologists remain unaware that many of these products can get dangerously loud,” says Sensaphonics founder and president, Dr. Michael Santucci. “I feel strongly that it is the audiologist’s responsibility to teach musicians how to use this technology safely. This isn’t part of most audiology curriculums, so each year, Sensaphonics presents these seminars, creating a growing network of knowledgeable, responsible practitioners.”

Instructors for the Gold Circle seminar include Dr. Santucci and Sensaphonics audio engineering consultant, Joe “Sound Guy” Tessone. Topics include a survey of available IEM and hearing protection technology, the basics of concert sound systems, backstage etiquette, and taking proper ear impressions.

The next Gold Circle seminars will be held in Chicago during 2014. Due to limited class size, interested audiologists should contact Sensaphonics to be added to the waiting list.