imgSeoul, South Korea (June 4, 2014)—Educational facility Record Factory Music Academy in Seoul has added a Solid State Logic AWS 924 hybrid console/controller to its newly built studios, reportedly one of the largest private music production facilities in South Korea.

Jong Hee Park, Record Factory CEO, noted, “We considered a number of other consoles to equip Record Factory’s studios, but the AWS was the only one that could meet our expectations. Our mission is to give students real-world experience in a rapidly changing music scene, so we needed to build a very modern and innovative studio. The AWS is perfect for our studio because of its hybrid design that excels in both analogue and digital-based production. It’s like having both an analogue console and a very well-made DAW controller together. It allows our students to concentrate on the sound, rather than struggling with a mouse and keyboard.”

More than 1,000 students have gained an education at Record Factory Music Academy since it was established through hands-on workshops covering everything from MIDI production to in-studio engineering and music video creation.

Solid State Logic