The winners of the 10th Annual Shure Fantastic Scholastic Recording Competition from Middle Tennessee State University, from left to right: Audio Production Coordinator Professor Bill Crabtree; audio team members Jimmy Mansfield, Charlie Garcia; Ryan Smith, Regional Manager, Shure Artist Relations Nashville; audio team members Frank Gerdts, Sam Hillman, and audio team faculty advisor Dr. Doug Bielmeier.
Niles, IL (May 12, 2014)—Shure Incorporated recently announced the winners of the company’s 10th Annual Fantastic Scholastic Recording Competition grand prize, awarding the four-person student team from Middle Tennessee State University with a prize pack of Shure equipment.

Under the guidance of Assistant Professor Dr. Doug Bielmeier, the four-student winning team consisted of Frank Gerdts, Charlie Garcia, Jimmy Mansfield, and Sam Hillman. The team’s winning original composition titled “In My Head” was co-written by Angel Snow and Darrell Scott.

During the competition, which began in November 2013, ten student teams from the U.S. and Canada each produced and recorded an original composition using only the contents of a microphone locker provided by Shure. After working through the tracking and mixing phases of the project, each team submitted unmastered mixes of their track to the panel of industry experts for review.

The final compositions were evaluated based on overall fidelity, clarity, sonic balance, and creativity in selection and placement of microphones. Expert judges on this year’s panel included Mike Clink, Johnny K., Jack Douglas, Stephen Hart, and David Cole.

“Over the last nine years our FSRC competition has pushed students to create exceptional music,” said Stephen Kohler, Senior Director of Marketing, Shure Americas. “This year was no different. The teams showed great diversity and proved to be a promising group of the audio industry’s future. A big shout out and sincere thank you from all of us at Shure to the students, faculty, and judges who helped make the tenth year of this competition one of the best yet.”

The nine other schools that participated in this year’s competition were Berklee College of Music, Daytona State College, Ithaca College, Lamont School of Music at University of Denver, MacEwan University (Canada), The Hartt School at University of Hartford, University of Central Missouri, University of Colorado Denver, and University of Lethbridge (Canada).

The student team from the University of Lethbridge, under the direction of Assistant Professor Thilo Schaller, was named runner-up, while an honorable mention was awarded to the student team from the University of Central Missouri, under the direction of Professor Eric Honour.
As the grand prize winner, the Middle Tennessee State University team will recieve a prize pack of Shure KSM, SM, and Beta microphones and SRH headphones valued collectively at more than $11,000. An assortment of Shure microphones and headphones will be given to the runner-up and honorable mention schools. Additionally, individual members from the top three teams will be offered a range of prizes, including a KSM42 and SM27-C microphone and SRH840 headphones.

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