imgNiles, IL (February 20, 2014)—To support the broadcast of the 125th Rose Parade, held on New Year’s Day in Pasadena, CA, technical director Ron ‘Elvis’ Stephan tapped Rat Sound to design the audio set up and RF coordination for the event. To help address the challenges of the crowded RF environment, Rat Sound opted for a Shure Axient and UHF-R wireless system.

“We had a lot of concerns going into this project,” explained Jamie Harris of Rat Sound. “Not only did the parade route present a packed RF space, you always have the possibility of non-coordinated ENG guys dropping in and crashing your signal.”

Shure Axient systems offer Frequency Diversity, a feature that enables audio transmission from a single source on two independent radio frequencies. If interference occurs, the receiver automatically switches over to the audio from the other frequency to deliver uninterrupted audio.

Rat Sound also used Shure UHF-R Wireless Systems for the Rose Parade’s sponsored floats—which included NBC’s The Voice, Honda, Stella Rose, Public Storage, RFD-TV, and eHarmony—when audio needed to be transmitted to the grandstand areas, where most television stations conducted broadcasts. Shure UHF-R UR1 transmitters were used on floats, with UR4D+receivers at FOH.