imgNew York, NY (April 28, 2014)—New York City’s Skylark cocktail lounge, situated 30 stories above the city’s Garment District, brought in Advanced Audio Technology of New York to install its audio system, made up of Martin Audio speakers.

“There is no specifically designed dance floor, which is typical of many lounges. That required an evenly balanced audio system throughout the venue so that no matter where you are, there is complete coverage with no high- or low-frequency drop offs,” explained AATNY’s Jason Ojeda.

Ojeda and his team designed a system consisting of 14 Martin Audio AQ28s in a stereo configuration deployed left and right down the lengths of the entire venue. The system also includes eight 2 x15 sub-bass enclosures, BSS signal processing, Tactical Audio amplification and a custom-made DJ booth by AATNY.

Martin Audio