imgHollywood, CA (February 28, 2014)—SonicPool Post Production has nearly completed work on the DVD for documentary I Know That Voice, directed by Lawrence Shapiro, which puts a face to voice actors whose sonorous tones have been heard the world over.

Voice actors such as the film’s Executive Producer John Di Maggio (Futurama), Tom Kenny (SpongeBob SquarePants), writer/creator Matt Groening (The Simpsons), Mark Hamill (Batman) and Seth Green (Robot Chicken) are featured in the film. I Know That Voice provides an in-depth look into the underexposed and yet expansive world of voice acting in such mediums as animated features, television shows and video games.

SonicPool provided many post production services for the DVD, including menu design and mastering, commentary recording and the commentary sound mix found on the DVD. SonicPool audio engineer and mixer Ryan McCabe says, "Working with John Di Maggio, aka Bender, Lawrence Shapiro, and Tommy Reid was great. The commentary is something that shouldn’t be missed."

He also says, “It’s worth it to watch the movie over and over again, especially to hear the commentary over the film. It’s funny, insightful and incredibly interesting.  It adds another layer to the documentary.”

I Know That Voice, winner of the Annie certificate of merit, is currently available through multiple video-on-demand sources, including iTunes. DVD release and distribution is expected in April.

SonicPool Post Production