imgPotters Bar, UK (May 7, 2014)—For her recent 50-day tour through Europe, singer-songwriter Heather Nova brought along a Soundcraft Si Expression 1 digital console to help power her shows.

Many of the stops along the tour took place in cultural centers, small theaters, an English church and Swiss clubs, requiring the technical team to use a console with a small footprint. Production/tour manager Tim Boardman handled all the audio equipment during the tour. Having worked with many Soundcraft consoles before, including the Si Performer 3, he made the most of the desk's features in order to decrease the amount of outboard gear the tour had to carry.

“I love the ability to run a whole tour on a powerful 19-inch rack-sized mixer,” said Boardman. “It is refreshing to have something that is so expandable and adaptable. By carrying a stage box and CAT5 looms, we can plug into local systems rather than move them to suit our specifications, allowing us to take the console to any venue without removing in-house gear.”

The Si Expression 1 features a mixing capacity of 66 inputs in a small form factor. “The small size compared to the huge processing power is why I go with Soundcraft each and every time,” said Boardman. “It allows me to carry consoles on smaller tours than we usually would, while still reaping all touring benefits from bringing our own consoles. There is a lot to be said about the smaller Si Series consoles, because not once did they crash during a year of live mixing service.”