New York, NY (August 22, 2017)—Location sound engineer Matthew Israel and his Space Cow team are using Sanken's COS-11D lavalier mic for national TV and radio commercials and challenging location documentary work around New York City.

"I do a lot of commercial work, documentaries, interviews and profile pieces," says Israel. "I've checked out most of the lavs on the market and Sanken's mic is our first choice for a number of reasons: it has a flat, natural response; it's easy to conceal; it's omnidirectional so it allows for head movement without varying levels; and it's durable in the field when you need a reliable, rugged mic. I've just gotten so used to using it that I don't use any other brand anymore."

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Space Cow is a location sound provider comprised of a tight-knit team of experienced technicians, each working with a dedicated equipment package that they know thoroughly, and can rely on. Their credits include work for Calvin Klein, Pepsi, Bushmills, The Recording Academy, and many others.

Israel uses the COS-11D Reduced Sensitivity model, which accommodates SPLs up to 132 dB and has 9 dB SPL lower sensitivity than the normal version. "It's a little padded down," he explains. "My preference is to mix hot, so if someone's going to scream or be loud, it helps with the gain going into the transmitter. I just try and capture as clean a voice as possible for dialogue, while minimizing background noise." 

Israel also employs other Sanken location microphones in his work. "When a lav isn't workable on a fast shoot in the street, Sanken's CS-1e short shotgun mic has saved the day many times," he says.

"I also have two Sanken CUB-01 boundary mics," Israel continues. "If I'm in a setting such as the interior of a car or in a small confined space, Sanken's boundary mic can give me a distinct ambience.”