imgN. Miami Beach, FL (November 30, 2012)-Miami production powerhouse facility Circle House Studios has set up an SSL Duality SE as its primary mixing console for its Cabana Studio room.

Circle House Studios, started by the band Inner Circle (of "Bad Boys" fame) as a private creative haven almost 15 years ago, originally featured an SSL 4000. From there, the facility expanded into a commercial venture with four rooms featuring an SSL J Series, a MIDI room and now Duality in the Cabana Studio room. A recent project with the rapper Pharrell, which included Miley Cyrus, Mary J. Blige, Rico Love, the Madden Brothers and Good Charlotte, was mixed using Duality.

"We chose Duality because it really does give you dual capabilities," says Charles Wakeman, head engineer at Circle House Studios. "You can work in Pro Tools, through the desk in analogue, or you can do both. You have pretty much ultimate control over a session. We have Pro Tools files sent in that may have been tracked in a studio environment or in someone's living room, so we need to be able to offer a premium quality, stable sonic benchmark to mix each project."

"Pharrell has been the dominant name for Cabana Studio as he keeps coming back for more," says Matthew Desrameaux, mix engineer for Circle House Studios. "He loves the room, loves the sound and loves the way his beats are coming out. Miley Cyrus was here with him. They came in knowing the console was a hybrid and then when you actually show them, you could see that their minds were being blown. Just looking at Duality was inspiring, but the sound quality is what seals the deal."

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