imgNatick, MA (May 1, 2013)—Studio 22 in the L.A. suburb of Sun Valley has installed new Genelec monitors as part of a facility-wide renovation.

Studio 22 is a four-year-old facility that serves clients with two audio recording studios with a photography and videography space. The facility's Studio A installed a pair of Genelec 1032A bi-amplified loudspeaker systems and a Genelec 7070A active subwoofer purchased from Guitar Center in Northridge, CA.
The facility has private key code entryways, two full-scale recording studios, make-up, wardrobe and shooting areas, a theater and conference room. Studio Manager Elba Horne notes, "We get a very wide range of clients in Studio 22, from students to seasoned professionals, and all of them have commented on how good the sound in Studio A is.  We want the absolute best for our clients, and that was pointing us toward Genelec. So when we upgraded other aspects of the studio's equipment, including the addition of high-end Neumann recording microphones, we decided that we had to have Genelec monitoring, to keep us at the leading edge."