imgMexico City, Mexico (December 23, 2014)—Juan Switalski’s Merging Technologies Hapi networked audio interface, the first delivered to Mexico, arrived just in time for three recording sessions featuring music from Mexican composers.

All three recordings featured the Orquesta Filarmónica 5 de mayo directed by Fernando Lozano, but in different locations, and included a piece by Rafael Méndez for three trumpets and orchestra recorded in the Auditorio de la Reforma in Puebla, Mexico. With 24 microphones set for the orchestra, other microphone preamplifiers from Pueblo Audio, Millennia, SSL and DPA were available but the majority was connected to the Hapi. 

According to Switalski, “There were two features of Pyramix/Hapi that proved so useful. The Delay plug-in allowed me align the mics precisely within the soundstage and the ability to control the mic levels remotely from Pyramix via RAVENNA is a revelation. It was also interesting that we had to do a lot less adjustment to the placement of the microphones and to the relative levels.”

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