Pictured onstage at the Wang Theater in Boston, MA, during the recent Steely Dan tour are (L-R): Telefunken director of Operations Alan Veniscofsky, FOH engineer Mark Dowdle, and Bill Ryan, Tfunk's senior design tech.
South Windsor, CT (December 12, 2013)—During the recent Steely Dan “Mood Swings” tour, FOH Engineer Mark Dowdle used a number of Telefunken microphones, including the large diaphragm C12 tube condenser mics, M81 and M82 dynamic mics, and new prototype M60 FET mics tested onstage for the first time.

The Telefunken Elektroakustik M60 is a small diaphragm, phantom-powered condenser microphone, designed for use in both live and studio environments on sources such as drum overheads, hi-hat and ride cymbals, acoustic guitar and other acoustic instruments.

During their 53-show tour, Donald Fagen and Walter Becker reprised the setlists of their classic albums Aja, Gaucho or Royal Scam, performed in their entirety, start-to-finish. The shows continued with additional selected favorites from Steely Dan's four-decade catalog. Steely Dan's backup band for the recent tour was The Bipolar Allstars with The Borderline Brats, featuring Keith Carlock on drums, Freddie Washington on bass, Jim Beard on keyboards, and Jon Herington on guitar.

"Having used Telefunken C12s in the studio, I knew going in that I would be pleased with their performance, but I had no idea how much difference it would actually make,” commented Dowdle. “I was able to capture every nuance from not only the cymbals, but the rest of the kit as well. The spacial effect proved invaluable when integrating the drums into the rest of the mix. The result was a completely open sound with a pleasing air that seemed to emanate from the entire drum kit.”

“The Telefunken M81 vocal mics produce such a smooth quality vocal range while maintaining an isolated, somewhat remote characteristic to the backing vocals that I was able to place them in the mix with pinpoint accuracy. I believe this was due to the inherent rejection of ambient interference of the stage across the board,” Dowdle continued.

Telefunken Elektroakustik