Bellevue, WA (October 24, 2017)—T-Mobile, which acquired 35 MHz of spectrum in the FCC’s Incentive Auction earlier this year, has targeted 26 more U.S. counties for deployment of its new 600 MHz services by the end of 2017.

T-Mobile’s updated list covers large swaths of Pennsylvania, regions of South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Milwaukee, Oregon and Salt Lake City, and includes counties adjacent to Washington, DC, and Philadelphia. T-Mobile has already fired up in Wyoming and Maine as part of its plan to cover over one million square miles with services in the 600 MHz band—known in the telecom industry as Band 71—before year’s end.

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The carrier previously issued a nationwide list of counties scheduled for deployment of its Band 71 services by November 1, 2017. That list included additional parts of Wyoming and Maine plus Northeast and Southwest Oregon, West Texas, Southwest Kansas, Oklahoma’s panhandle, Western North Dakota, Coastal North Carolina, Central Pennsylvania, Central Virginia and Eastern Washington.

On October 10, Maryland Sound Industries in Baltimore, MD, posted a copy of a letter it had just received from T-Mobile on Facebook. Signed by Dan Wilson, Senior Manager, Spectrum Engineering for T-Mobile, the letter advised BAS (Broadcast Auxiliary Services) licensees—that is, those with Part 74 licenses—to regularly review the list “to make sure that affected licensees know where T-Mobile’s licenses will be used next.” It is incumbent on licensed and unlicensed wireless audio equipment operators to vacate frequency spectrum in the 600 MHz band as soon as the new licensees announce an intention to begin using it, whether for testing or full-time services.

Just two weeks ago, T-Mobile announced that it has entered into a partnership with FOX Television Stations to assist in repacking its 600 MHz spectrum. The deal will accelerate the FCC’s scheduled 10-phase TV station spectrum repack by 16 months, according to the announcement. As part of the agreement, WWOR-TV will repack in early 2018, more than a year earlier than the originally scheduled FCC deadline of August 2019. WWOR-TV, located in New Jersey, serves New York City.

Earlier this year, T-Mobile partnered with PBS and America’s Public Television Stations (APTS) to assist rural translators in the move to new airwaves, clearing the spectrum for the carrier’s Band 71 services.

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