(l-r): MTSU Associate Professor/Audio Production Coordinator Michael Fleming, Studio Designer Carl Tatz, Department Chair Bill Crabtree, and Facilities Director Dale Brown
Nashville, TN (March 27, 2013)—Control rooms D and E at Middle Tennessee State University’s The Department of Recording Industry were recently refurbished and acoustically redesigned by Carl Tatz Design. The two mirror-image rooms use Carl Tatz Design (CTD) PhantomFocus System 4 monitor tuning protocols, along with Genelec 1037C monitors and Auralex Carl Tatz Signature Series control room acoustic modules.
“It’s amazing to have a monitoring system that allows our students to experience music the way it should truly sound. We want them to develop a sense of the ideal, and the PhantomFocus System presents that to them every day,” states MTSU Department of Recording Industry assistant professor and Grammy-nominated engineer/producer John Merchant. “Studios D and E are where our students begin their audio careers. Learning to record and mix with this quality of monitoring is like learning to drive on a Maserati.”
Recording Studio Techniques instructor Mauricio Gargel, who had been teaching in both control rooms D and E prior to the revamp, noted “The low frequencies are now impressively defined, helping the students understand each and every note in the spectrum without guessing. Even the pan-pots can be heard much more accurately, and the depth is also incredible. You can smell the soundstage... it is so real. Concepts like soundstage, depth and presence are much easier to teach... They are actually happening now, and the student can feel it; it makes my job much easier.”

Carl Tatz Design