Nicholas Taylor, Technical Director for TEDXABQ: Be Extraordinary
Albuquerque, NM (October 28, 2013)—At a recent TEDx (Technology, Entertainment and Design) conference at the University of New Mexico, Lectrosonics’ Digital Hybrid Wireless microphones were used to provide presenters with audio without relying on cables.

The conference, TEDx ABQ 2013: Be Extraordinary, was held on September 7 with Nicholas Taylor as the Technical Director for the event. As the person responsible for coordinating all aspects of stage design, audio/visual equipment, and event logistics, the issue of sound reinforcement falls under Taylor’s domain, and he deployed a wireless microphone setup that consisted of four Lectrosonics SMQV Super-Miniature beltpack transmitters, four Lectrosonics HM172 earset microphones, and a Venue receiver system fully stocked with three VRS and three VRT receiver modules.

“As a growing organization, our annual event almost never occurs in the same place more than twice,” Taylor reports. “Regardless of the venue, we require a wireless system where integration into the house console will be a breeze. The wireless microphone systems from Lectrosonics provide crystal clear tonal qualities, no RF interference, and spare frequencies for continued performance whether in a 200-seat theatre or a 2,000-seat concert hall. For this particular event, we used four channels and had two remaining channels in the event any backup was required.”

“The HM172 earset microphones are particularly useful for our range of speakers,” Taylor added. “The earsets are low-profile, lightweight, easy to operate, and very adjustable. Hence, they aren’t the least bit distracting, so the speakers can focus on their conference materials.”