Rastatt, Germany (August 22, 2017)—Telegenic has overhauled its T5 OB truck, commonly known as T-Wiz, based out of Atlanta, GA, including integration of a Lawo VSM (Virtual Studio Manager) system.

For the past two years, the truck has been running the Sky Sports PGA Tour broadcast operations. This year, Simon Foster, Telegenic UK deputy head of audio, and Andrew Wisniewski, Telegenic US operations manager, undertook the re-design and commissioning of a complete overhaul of the T5 technical services.

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Telegenic chose a Riedel MediorNet de-centralized router to manage comms within the OB truck and the outfield operations, a Calrec Brio broadcast mixing console and RTS Telex intercom, and a SAM Kula Vision Mixer. At the heart of the operation is Lawo’s VSM.

The aim of the exercise was to update and streamline the US operation, and bring the truck’s technical facilities into line with parent company Telegenic Ltd, based in High Wycombe, UK. Lawo VSM is used in five of the seven OB Vans operated by Telegenic’s UK division, and so it was an obvious move for the US truck to follow suit.

The flexible VSM system connects to all devices in the T5 OB truck, enabling Dante and RTS Telex gadget servers and to provide the Telegenic team greater control using just one system than is possible with multiple applications. Riedel MediorNet connects to the Lawo VSM servers via the Lawo Ember+ Control Protocol, making all gadgets available to the engineers via the VSM platform.

Foster and Wisniewski chose to run most of the configuration via software-based panels, as this gives greater visibility to the operators, keeping the front-end visual and simple, and allows unfamiliar engineers to easily get to grips with the truck features. Operators can program their own panels via mimic buttons, and engineers are able to view the signal flow using the Visual Link feature.