imgBrooklyn, NY (October 8, 2013)—Mix engineer Drew Vogelman, founder of The Garden mix and dubbing studio in Brooklyn, NY, has incorporated a TM7 TouchMonitor from RTW.

Named after the outdoor garden lounge area of the Brooklyn brownstone where it is located, The Garden comprises a large control room and a dubbing room, with a Solid State Logic AWS hybrid console/controller at the center of its operations. Vogelman has outfitted the studio with a selection of analog outboard gear and instruments—everything from vintage drum kits, guitars synthesizers and amps, to plug-ins that replicate classic hardware and sound from storied music production studios and manufacturers—to give his clients options for finessing their mixes. The TM7 provides Vogelman with a way to assess whether the sound of a particular analog element will complement a client’s particular mix.

“The RTW TM7 is critical to our mix process,” says Vogelman. “I’m an old-school engineer, so I’m a stickler for setting up what unit will be used on every mix. Because analog and digital are very different from one another, it’s important to go into a mix with an idea of what elements will work best for it. In a sense, we’re going back and forth between the digital and analog realms, and the TM7 helps us determine and maintain the right sound, regardless of where it comes from.”