imgBrooklyn, NY (September 23, 2013)—Wayne Silver and Adam Zirkin chose an analog API 1608 console as the centerpiece of The Ice Plant, which they recently established in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn.
The 16-channel API 1608 shares the space with the musicians and is loaded up with a dozen API 550A EQs, four API 560 EQs, a vintage API 525b compressor, and a handful of other processors that fit the API 500-series protocol. “The API 1608 is a small-format board with large studio quality, and that was very attractive to us,” said Silver. “It has an earthy vibe—that true warm analog sound. I basically harvest all of the music that’s happening in the room through the 1608, and everything sounds better through it. With the sonic part of the process taken care of, I can focus on helping the musicians stay in their zone.”
The Ice Plant’s API 1608 is flanked by outboard racks and microphone cabinets that include many studio staples alongside products from up-and-coming “boutique” manufacturers. Zirkin is an avid guitar and keyboard collector, and he and Silver have made their entire collection of nearly 50 instruments available to clients.
In contrast to the live room/control room paradigm, The Ice Plant gets its creative vibe by placing almost everyone, including the producer/engineer, in a single room. “It’s a warm, comfortable atmosphere,” said Silver. “There are different stations, such as guitar, keyboard, and bass, as well as an isolation room for the drums. Everything is out in the open and ready to play. A musician could walk in here empty-handed and be ready to go. We’ve got everything.”