Jason K. Herman (left) and Tory Stoffregen of The New Black 7 used a variety of Chandler Limited gear on the band’s new album.
New York, NY (August 8, 2013)—The New Black 7 may play country music, but there’s more than a touch of rock to be found in its recent sophomore album, Hangovers & Heartbreak. While that came from the songwriting and guitar playing of vocalist/guitarist Tory Stoffregen and lead guitarist Jason K. Herman, it was bolstered during the recording process by gear from Chandler Limited, particularly the Little Devil Pre Amp.

Stoffregen engineered the CD with co-engineering assistance from Chandler Limited’s Wade Goeke, and additional engineering assistance from Grammy-winning producer Ryan Hewitt. The CD was mixed by Cedrick Courtois of Praxxis Media at The Castle studio in Oceanside, CA.

“We used a lot of Chandler Limited gear on this project,” said Stoffregen. “The color and character that Little Devil Pre Amp adds to every different instrument is nothing short of amazing. The Feedback/ Bias control—used with the Output control—is a really great tool to add or subtract color to any instrument and it’s especially useful when recording vocals. It really adds life to the tracks, making this processor an extremely versatile studio tool.”

Chandler Limited’s GAV19T guitar amplifier also assumed a prominent role in the production of Hangovers & Heartbreak. “There are two sections of the GAV19T I find especially useful,” he said. “The amp’s Drive section allows you to boost various frequencies when recording with different guitars on each track and, equally important, is the Bias, which lets you dial in a variety of different color and sustain for the guitars.”

Recalling the recording process, Stoffregen noted, “All the sounds came about very organically and quickly when we plugged into a variety of Chandler gear. It was just a matter of choosing which color we wanted for any particular track. While there was a lot of gear to choose from in the studio, we always came back to the Chandler Little Devil, Germanium Compressor, and the TG Channel MKII. We couldn't be happier with the results and think Hangovers & Heartbreak speaks volumes of how world-class Chandler Limited gear really is.”

The New Black 7

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