imgAlleroed, Denmark (August 12, 2014)—The Voice Australia has adopted DPA’s d:facto vocal microphone following the recommendation of Australian rental company, JPJ Audio.

John Simpson, senior audio director of The Voice, says, "JPJ’s Brad Adamson told me he had DPA's d:facto's and we were keen to try them on a couple of TV shows we were working on….I hadn't been happy with any capsules on the RF systems we were using."

He continues, "I realized we wouldn't be needing that old EQ curve anymore. The sound was natural, present and uncoloured, like having a top notch studio condenser available as RF. We don't have to process anywhere near as much as we used to and everything sounds better; vocalists and presenters, male or female. The d:factos make it much easier to sit voices in a mix."

Simpson adds that the vocal coach for the program was also a fan. "He thinks they are a significant step up from anything he has heard and is very impressed, as are the operators at monitors, FOH and broadcast."

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